Capoeira is a unique and vibrant Afro-Brazilian martial art which cultivates movement, culture, music, and philosophy. Volta Miúda's Mestrando Jamaika teaches in Salt Lake City.

Salt Lake Capoeira

Salt Lake CapoeiraSalt Lake Capoeira is a capoeira school and performing group located in Salt Lake City, Utah, and directed by Mestre Jamaika (Mauro Romualdo), a three-time Brazilian Capoeira Champion with international performing and teaching experience.

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Class Schedule & Information

Salt Lake Capoeira offers classes for all levels and types of students in Utah.
Classes focus on all aspects of capoeira: strength, flexibility, movement, endurance, coordination, vocal and instrumental skills, cultural awareness, performance, and community.

Mestre Jamaika also teaches a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class.

There are several instructors teaching in different areas in Salt Lake and Utah counties. Click here for more info!

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What is Capoeira?

Capoeira is an Afro-brazilian martial art which includes elements of physical and mental strength, beauty, and power. Mestre Jamaika often refers to capoeira as a “complete martial art” in that it encompasses a vast spectrum of movement and culture; it incorporates kicks, ground movements, self-defense, acrobatics, music, and tradition.

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